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Product description

ITALEDEKOR is a leather-based wall-coating: liquid wall-coating based on natural leather. Its physical condition, the technique and means of its application, and also the decorative effects it helps to create on the wall surface are similar to various liquid wall-papers based on textile and other materials. It is differentiated though by the novel raw material composition, by its really favorable mechanical and physical qualities, by its complex decorative possibilities, by the simplicity of its application and by its extremely favorable price.

ITALEDEKOR's raw material is natural leather. Beside its raw material, other additional materials (cellulose, cotton, textile and other decorative elements increasing the aesthetic effects) are contributing to the product's favorable qualities. Coupled with the unique technology, they create the advantageous qualities characterizing ITALEDEKOR:

  • extremely good heat insulation;
  • environment friendly;
  • contains only natural components;
  • preparing the wall is simple and inexpensive;
  • wide color and decoration range;
  • color and surface can be customized;
  • may be applied by spraying, using a trowel and rolling exceptionally;
  • good adhesive capabilities;
  • flexibly covering cracks and uneven surfaces;
  • ensures the natural ventilation of the wall;
  • it's qualified as 'hardly flammable';
  • not attracting dust;
  • its repair and removal is extremely simple;
  • exceptionally favorable price.

Fields of application

ITALEDEKOR leather based wall-coating is recommended for application on indoor surfaces and outdoor surfaces not exposed to the weather. It is suitable for coating the interior of dwelling rooms, corridors, offices, restaurants, shops, department stores, malls, hotels, schools and other rooms.

  • The composition of ITALEDEKOR:

    Vegetable tanned leather chippings, pigment, cellulose, cotton, paper, glue, glitters (mica).

  • Coverage

    The coverage of a 1 kg powder ITALEDEKOR material covers a surface of 3,2 m².

  • Repair, removal

    The possible defects occurring on ITALEDEKOR covered surface before drying are easy to repair using simple tools (e.g. with a knife or manually). The repair should possibly be carried out on the still wet, plastic or on the completely dry surface. For later repairs cut the damaged area around and make sure the surface is wet (e.g. spray water on it) then remove and replace it with material of the same color. Should you like to remove the whole surface, the process (moistening and removing) shall be applied to the whole surface.

  • Storage, guarantee

    Store ITALEDEKOR in a dry, clean place, not accessible for children, separately from food and according to your local regulations. We give a shelf-life guarantee of 2 years for the product if in intact packaging.

    The warranty is valid for further three years for the applied material, in case the application is done in line with the instructions of use and the quality of the original surface did not change over time.

  • Tool cleaning

    Tools may be washed when wet; the dried material may be removed after moistening.

  • Labor and health safety

    When using ITALEDEKOR, you shall not count on any health damaging effects, if the material is handled in line with the instructions. It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke during work. During application avoid contact of the powder or the mixture with the eyes and skin, and do not swallow or breathe it. If the product gets into the eyes wash them with flowing water richly. In the course of blending, spraying the material dust mask and glasses and in the course of all work phases protective gloves shall be used.

  • Handling the waste

    The remaining parts and the packaging of the ITALEDEKOR may be treated as communal waste.

  • Cleaning the coated surfaces

    As ITALEDEKOR contains natural materials only, the surface coated is not inclined to attract excessive amounts of dust. If it is still needed, it may be cleaned by vacuum cleaner (possibly with a brush supplement). The wet cleaning of the surface is not advised, because that might cause spots appearing on it.

  • Registration numbers, licenses

    Flammability class: D hardly flammable;

    Qualities regarding its hazards: not poisonous: M–IV, not hazardous: V–D.


Our company, ITALEDEKOR Ltd., alone in the world, is the exclusively manufacturer and is authorized to manufacture ITALEDEKOR leather base wall-coating due to the reserved utilization of a patent.

For quality defects due to application deviating from the instructions of use the manufacturer disclaims all responsibility.