ITALEDEKOR is a dry material in powder form, with a particle size of 0.1-3.0mm. Inside the commercial packaging there is also a CMC-based wallpaper glue in separate packaging. The dyed material is supplied in the correct dye packs separately.



• Packaging for department stores, 3 kg/package (±3%) (material + glue), in cardboard boxes with Italien, English, and Hungarian lettering;
• Upon request also customized packaging;



The ITALEDEKOR of 1 kg of material is 3.2 m² area it covers. In a department store, 3-kg pack of 9.6 m² is sufficient;



The store system, the ITALEDEKOR PE bag and 3 layers of white corrugated cardboard packaging is that we are doing the shipping, 8 pcs per large box. A large box of 9 pieces fit one pallet. The optimal use of space due to one large box and pallet 9 plus 8 pieces of cardboard store. A total of 80 store cartons.



Store Carton:
340×240×250 mm
Large Carton:
700×500×520 mm



Store carton:
Net: 3,0 kg
Gross: 3,1 kg
(8 store cartons):
Net: 24,0 kg
Gross: 25,5 kg
(9+1 large cartons):
Net: 240,0 kg
Gross: 253,0 kg