During the tailoring of natural vegetable tanned leather a significant amount of tailoring chops are produced around the world. In order to recycle this valuable material the idea was conceived to take it apart into filaments and create new products this way.

This is the base material of our ITALEDEKOR tapestry (liquid wallpaper), which we started to manufacture nearly 20 years ago for the first time in the world. Experiences from the surfaces completed since then (more than 16 thousand square meters only in Germany) show that we are on the right course.

Why is ITALEDEKOR tapestry special?

  1. Because it is environment-friendly

    A product of recycled base material that only contains natural components!

  2. Because it creates pleasant indoor climate

    As the base material of ITALEDEKOR is natural leather, this coating behaves similarly to our skin, which helps to maintain the proper heat regulation and controls the moisture content of the body.

    This material can fulfill the same tasks on the walls. The key is the natural characteristics of the leather filaments in the tapestry. This way ITALEDEKOR creates a special climate in your rooms.

    An ITALEDEKOR coating of 2–3 mm can uniquely regulate the humidity of the room, resulting in a sort of hydrating effect. It helps to maintain the healthy humidity in the living areas.

    What’s more, the natural leather coating also prevents molding and thus the appearance of toxic substances that result in unhealthy indoor air, which often cause asthma and other allergies.

  3. Because it is an extremely good thermal insulator

    Depending on the applied material thickness, you can save up to 10% of the heating or cooling energy!

Let’s enjoy the natural leather offered pleasant environment and take advantage of the benefits that this amazing material can offer.

In several Asian countries, the liquid wallpaper has been recognized and used for centuries. They cut the silk, mixed it with glue and put it on the wall, using it as a decoration. Nowadays by-products are used for liquid fabric wallpaper.

Tanned animal leather is used for a long time to insulate and decorate living areas taking the advantage what the natural leather can offer. But until now leather based tapestry was complicated and expensive to be used in today's homes.

Now however creating the ITALEDEKOR the good quality of liquid fabric wallpaper and uniqueness of nature's leather could be combined. Using some great ideas and applying the great Italian architectural traditions it has become possible to obtain genuine leather tapestry coating for our modern living areas.

This material is the ITALEDEKOR natural leather tapestry which is essentially a liquid wallpaper made of natural leather!

The raw material used for the ITALEDEKOR is the falling sartorial hash during natural leather tailoring, so this product is made in a recycling process what is a positive message to the environment conscious users.

Such a high-quality liquid wallpaper made of natural leather was never created before so ITALEDEKOR is a new and unique product all around the world.

Thanks to the natural leather as raw material ITALEDEKOR have outstanding characteristics of heat and sound insulation, adhesion and many other areas compared to other liquid wallpapers. The price is also affordable! There is a wide range of methods of applying as not only by fairing, but by spraying and rolling the material can be applied to the surface. Moreover these different methods allow to create countless variations of surfaces.

Color versions of the ITALEDEKOR can be prepared by coloring of the two base materials. The separately packed different colors require high storage and sales capacity that in addition to the extra space, causing high inventory asset as well. That can be eliminated by the coloring of the base materials, so storing and displaying of the material can happen with pretty low inventory.

In order to keep ITALEDEKOR in a favorable price segment the production is based in Hungary.

Now we are working on to build out an international distribution network.
We are looking for partners interested in distribution.